Thursday, May 21, 2015

Howard Terpning - Horse Of A Different Color, Crossing At The Ford

Howard Terpning
Horse Of A Different Color
Hand Signed
Limited Edition Canvas of 300
Image Size: 20"w X 13"h. 

I Once Read An Account Of A Cheyenne Warrior Who Painted His Body And His Horse’s Body Entirely Blue,” Says Howard Terpning. “just Imagine The Startling Effect That Must Have Had On His Enemies As He Charged Them In Battle. That Description Gave Me The Idea For The Title (which Seemed Obvious). Adding The Warrior’s Son In The Painting Felt Logical And Gave The Picture A Higher Level Of Human Interest. To Have Listened In On The Father And Son Conversation As This Warrior Prepared Himself For Battle Would Have Been Something.” This Is The First Terpning Work Published That Focused So Directly On The Relationship Between A Father And A Son. There Were Actually Few Paintings He Had Done On The Subject. Howard’s Son Steven Modeled For The Boy. More

Howard Terpning
Crossing At The Ford
Hand Signed
Limited Edition Canvas
Limited Edition Of: 450
mage Size: 32"w X 21 3/4"h. 

Howard Terpning’s Respect For His Subject Matter Evokes Emotion Both In His Paintings And From Those Viewing Them, Making Him One Of The Most Lauded Painters Of Western Art. In This Image, This “storyteller Of The Native American” Has Created A Stunning Vision Of Three Crow Indians As They Begin To Cross A River. “these Three Crows Are Part Of A War Party In Search Of Their Enemy,” Howard Says. “knowing How To Find The Ford In A River Is A Big Advantage And This Is A Skill That Comes Naturally To These Plains Indians. More