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Giovanni Biliverti, (1585–1644)
The Archangel Raphael Refusing Tobias's Gift, c. 1612
Oil on canvas
Height: 175 cm (68.9 in). Width: 146 cm (57.5 in).
Pitti Palace

The subject comes from the Book of Tobit , one of the Apocryphal books in the Old Testament, and shows the final scene in the story of how Tobit, a blind old man, was healed by the gall of a fish. This fish had been caught by his son Tobias on the orders of the Archangel Raphael. But Raphael presented himself to Tobit's family as a simple traveller, and the old man wished to thank him in the fullness of his joy at the return of his sight. The angel refused all the offered treasures and revealed his identity. More on this painting

In Biliverti's painting Tobias restrains the angel, pulling at the edge of his cloak, and begs him to take the treasures which they have taken out of a round bronze vessel. Full of colour, this large canvas reveals the artist's skill at painting texture - the fabrics, fur and particularly the heavy gold chain with its large pearls.

Giovanni Biliverti,  (Florence, 25 August 1585 – Florence, 16 July 1644) was an Italian painter of the late-Mannerism and early-Baroque period, active mainly in his adoptive city of Florence, as well as Rome. Biliverti was born as Jan Bilevelt. After his father’s death in 1603, Giovanni worked in the studio of Lodovico Cigoli, following him in April 1604 till 1607 to Rome. There he worked in projects approved by Pope Clement VIII.

In 1609 Bilivert joined the Medici-sponsored guild of artists, the Accademia del Disegno in Florence. Bilivert was employed by Cosimo II de' Medici from 1611 until 1621, as a designer for works in pietra durai. Late in life, he became blind. Among his pupils were Cecco Bravo, Agostino Melissi, Baccio del Bianco, and Orazio Fidani. He painted a Hagar in the Desert once in the Hermitage and a Christ and the Samaritan Woman once in the Belvedere in Vienna. More on Giovanni Biliverti

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