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03 Classic Works of Art, Marine Paintings of Mermaids, with Footnotes, 5e

A mermaid is a marine creature with the head and upper body of a female human and the tail of a fish. Mermaids appear in the folklore of many cultures worldwide. The first stories appeared in ancient Assyria. Mermaids can be benevolent or beneficent.

Julius Hübner, 1806 - 1882
The Fair Melusine, c. 1844

Rudolf Julius Benno Hübner (27 January 1806 – 7 November 1882) was a German historical painter of the Düsseldorf school of painting. He was also known as a poet and the father of Emil Hübner, a distinguished classical scholar.

Hübner was born at Oels in Silesia, studied at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin under Schadow, and in Düsseldorf. He first attracted attention by his picture of "Ruth and Boaz" (1825). He traveled in Italy, but resided for the most part at Düsseldorf until 1839. In that year he settled at Dresden, becoming a professor in the Academy of Arts in 1841 and director of the Gallery of Paintings in 1871. He obtained the great gold medal at Brussels in 1851. More on Julius Hübner

The Story of Melusine (Medieval France, 1394), by Linda Foubister, is about the fairy, Melusine,  the daughter of the fairy Pressyne and King Elynas of Albany. She became the fairy Queen of the forest of Colombiers in the French region of Poitou. One day, she and two of her subjects were guarding their sacred fountain when a young man, Raymond of Poitiers, burst out of the forest. Melusine spent the night talking with Raymond, and by dawn, they were betrothed, but with one condition. Melusine requested that Raymond promise that he would never see her on a Saturday. He agreed, and they were married.

Troy Howell
The Mystery Of Melusine, a French mermaid story, 1993

Troy Howell first creative work was called “Red Crayon on Green Carpet.” His first published work appeared in Cricket magazine. His debut novel, The Dragon of Cripple Creek (Abrams/Amulet), features the last dragon on earth, whose life is endangered by a twenty-first century gold rush that's triggered by a 12-year-old girl.

Troy's work has won awards, starred reviews, and the like. But what matters most to him is work well done, that tugs at the reader or viewer in some way, whether it’s wonder, a laugh, a new thought, a sigh. Those are the best rewards. More on Troy Howell

Melusine brought her husband great wealth and prosperity. She built the fortress of Lusignan so quickly that it appeared to be made by magic. Over time, Melusine built many castles, fortresses, churches, towers and towns, each in a single night, throughout the region. She and Raymond had ten children, but each child was flawed. The eldest had one red eye and one blue eye, the next had an ear larger than the other, another had a lion’s foot growing from his cheek, and another had but one eye. The sixth son was known as Geoffrey-with-the-great tooth, as he had a very large tooth. In spite of the deformities, the children were strong, talented and loved throughout the land.

One day, Raymond’s brother visited him and made Raymond very suspicious about the Saturday activities of his wife. So the next Saturday, Raymond sought his wife, finding her in her bath where he spied on her through a crack in the door. He was horrified to see that she had the body and tail of a serpent from her waist down. He said nothing until the day that their son, Geoffrey-with-the-great tooth, attacked a monastery and killed one hundred monks, including one of his brothers. Raymond accused Melusine of contaminating his line with her serpent nature, thus revealing that he had broken his promise to her.

Alexandra V. Bach
Digital Art / Photomanipulation 

As a result, Melusine turned into a fifteen-foot serpent, circled the castle three times, wailing piteously, and then flew away. She would return at night to visit her children, then vanish. Raymond was never happy again. Melusine appeared at the castle, wailing, whenever a count of Lusignan was about to die or a new one to be born. It was said that the noble line which originated with Melusine will reign until the end of the world. Her children included the King of Cyprus, the King of Armenia, the King of Bohemia, the Duke of Luxembourg, and the Lord of Lusignan. More on Melusine

Alexandra V. Bach is a celebrated digital artist whose exceptional work has graced countless book covers in her native France. Her work is lush, mysterious and richly detailed, with a flare for fantasy and gothic horror with an old school romantic touch.

Since 2003, Alexandra has collaborated as cd cover artist with metal bands such as Kamelot, Adagio, Anneke Van Giersbergen and Arjen Lucassen’s The Gentle Storm, Stream of Passion, Melissa Ferlaak and many more.

In France, Alexandra has worked for leading publishers such as Flammarion, Bragelonne, ActuSF as well as many independent publishers.

In 2013 she created artwork for game Legend of the Cryptids (Applibot, Japan) and creates custom playing tokens for GND Cards (Greece). More on Alexandra V. Bach

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