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01 Paintings, Olympian deities, by the Old Masters, with footnotes # 11a

 LOO, JACOB VAN, (Sluis 1614 - 1670 Paris) 
The education of Bacchus
Oil on canvas. 
72 x 66 cm.
Private collection

The small Bacchus is depicted in the arms of the nymphs on Mount Nysa. Born from the marriage between the royal daughter Sémélé and the god Jupiter, he was taken over by Mercury for protection from the jealous Jupiter's wife Juno, in the care of the nymphs. Here the moment is shown, in which Mercury, with his pointing finger, instructs the nymphs about the education of the divine Son. The pyramidal arrangement of the composition, which is opposed to the curves of the figures and their vestments, gives rise to a very balanced appearance. More about the education of Bacchus

The education of Bacchus dates back to 1655, when Jacob van Loo stayed in Amsterdam and turned away from monumental formats to devote himself to smaller paintings with mythological themes and compact compositions 

Jacob van Loo (1614 – 26 November 1670) was a painter of the Dutch Golden Age, chiefly active in Amsterdam and, after 1660, in Paris. Van Loo is known for his conversational groupings; particularly his mythological and biblical scenes generally attributed to the genre of History painting. He was especially celebrated for the quality of his nudes to the extent that, during his lifetime, particularly his female figures were said to have been considered superior and more popular than those of his Amsterdam contemporary and competitor Rembrandt. In 1663, three years after fleeing to Paris, Jacob van Loo was accepted into the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture.

Though his father also painted, Jacob's success ensured that he would forever be referred to as the founder of the Van Loo family of painters; a dynasty which was influential in French and European painting from the 17th to the beginning of the 19th century. More on Jacob van Loo

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