Friday, June 19, 2015

RELIGIOUS ART - 14th Century Carvings from the Bible! Virgin and Child Enthroned

Large Virgin and Child Enthroned, carved and polychrome, carved back. Seated on a throne-bench, on her right chest the Virgin bears her son sitting on her lap in a strictly frontal and symmetrical position; her head is surrounded by a high crown her youthful face triangular at the impassive expression using large eyes, long thin nose and mouth with thin lips and loose, pierced ears for receiving pendants; she is wearing a dress and a coat over her arm, stopping above the ground; the Child, sitting, upper body upright, is coated with a long tunic blousante waist; he opened his arms in a gesture of welcome 

Italy, Umbria, around 1310 H 84.4 cm Soclée 

This Madonna still belongs to the thirteenth century Umbrian majesties with her hieratic attitude and strict frontality. The work retained most of its harmonious polychromieparticulièrement this alliance of blue and red. The historian of Italian art Delpriori Alessandro has authored a comprehensive study of the school of Spoleto, painted and sculpted work of the thirteenth century Umbrian valleys and Valnerina. This sculpture was made in the first decade of the fourteenth Century.  More