Friday, June 19, 2015

RELIGIOUS ART - 14th Century Carvings from the Bible! Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child carved walnut, outlined back Sitting on a throne-bench, the bust inclined to the left, the Virgin holds in one hand the child standing by her; face with regular features and purposes with eyes slightly stretched towards the temples, the mouth marked the corners, small, round and heavy chin; she is wearing a dress with a round neck, blousante waist above the waist, and a coat the tails back to the front of the knees; a dotted line under the collar indicates the presence of an old polychrome with orphreys; soft folds of drapery, some falling oblique and broken lines, others forming a horn fall, others as a nose between the knees and under the Child; base molded framed. 

Old collection label on the back of Middle Rhine, presumably Cologne, 
1340/1350 to 32.5 cm H × W 15cm 

(Right hand of the Virgin and Child arm were redone) Provenance:. Old collection, Aachen   (Germany) We can connect this type of Virgin seated with a group of sculptures colonaises which we know several examples, including two conserved Schnütgen Museum in Cologne. All these statuettes are made of walnut, with obvious similarities in the leaning position of the Virgin's bust, her belted waist, coat exposing the chest and back to the front of the knees in a very similar drape. These common characters were listed by Jacqueline Boccador in her work on medieval statuary. You can add other similarities, such as the attitude of the Child, standing with feet placed in an asymmetric position, the hair to wavy locks falling in the back, the location of the crown. The Virgin and Child presented here, by its size, was made to private devotion. However, the work does not have eyes stretched towards the temples, as generally observed on Cologne's statuary. Having been stripped carefully according to the nineteenth century fashion. more