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01 Works, RELIGIOUS ART - CONTEMPORARY & 20th Century Interpretation of the Bible! With Footnotes - 22

Iva Troj, United Kingdom
Lamb / Embrace IV Revisited
35.4 H x 43.3 W x 2.4 in

To me, this painting has all the of the Italian church paintings of their time. The Madonna, with Christ in her arms, receiving Saint Catherine who brings a flower as a gift. In the background would be John the Baptist, Christ's cousin, with the dove of piece flying over his head.

"I started painting "Like China" in 2013. I had a change of heart regarding the central figure and abandoned it for a slightly different, more traditional motif. Now, several years later, I discovered its potential and decided to revisit the painting, changing a lot of the surroundings and the central figure as well as adding a peacock to enhance the symbolic value of my storyline. I ended up with a more playful composition and a much more dynamic theme." Iva Troj

In Christianity the peacock symbolism represents the "all-seeing" church, along with the holiness and sanctity associated with it. Additionally, the peacock represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity. More on Peacock Symbolism

In Christian culture, Passion flowers are primarily used to represent Christ’s suffering and sacrifice and each part of the flower represents a different aspect of the Passion of Christ.

White flowers such as white roses and lilies are used to stand for purity. They are also sometimes used in conjunction with references to the Virgin Mary for her own purity. Red roses in Christianity stand for love or as a sign of Christ’s blood. Church altars are often decorated with bouquets or vases of flowers, especially on significant days such as Easter and Christmas. Flowers play a large role at Christian funerals, baptisms and other special personal events.

Christian brides walk down the aisle with a bouquet of flowers as a token of fertility, while in earlier times it was common for them to wear a wreath or garland of flowers around their heads. More on flowers in Christianity.

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