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01 Works, RELIGIOUS ART - Interpretation of the bible, With Footnotes - 128

Leonard Sarluis, French(1874-1949)
Mocking of Christ. Crown of Thorns, c. 1933
Oil on canvas
30" wide by 391/4 " tall
Private collection

The mocking of Jesus occurred several times, after his trial and before his crucifixion according to the canonical gospels of the New Testament. It is considered part of Jesus' passion.

According to the gospel narratives, Jesus had predicted that he would be mocked. The mocking of Christ took place in three stages: immediately following his trial, immediately following his condemnation by Pontius Pilate, and when he was being crucified.

The New Testament narratives of Jesus being mocked are filled with irony, while the mockery focuses on Jesus' prophetic and kingly roles. More on The mocking of Jesus 

Salomon-Léon Sarluis, known as Léonard Sarluis, (born The Hague, 21 October 1874 - died France, 1949) was a naturalised French Symbolist painter.

Sarluis arrived in Paris in 1894 and became a well-known boulevardier. He travelled widely, including to Naples, Italy and to Russia. He was praised by Jean Lorrain and Oscar Wilde.

He exhibited at the Salon de la Rose+Croix and the Salon des Artistes Français, and with Armand Point he designed the poster for the fifth salon of that group. It depicted the Ideal in the form of Perseus holding the severed head of Émile Zola in reference to the Greek myth in which Perseus decapitated the Gorgon Medusa. For the Symbolists, Zola exemplified in literature the oppressive Naturalism they rejected. More on Leonard Sarluis

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