Saturday, January 12, 2019

01 Works, RELIGIOUS ART - CONTEMPORARY & 20th Century Interpretation of the Bible! With Footnotes - 27

Ramon Martinez
Female Christ
Private collection

Female Christ is first and foremost, an artistic and experimental project. As we do not necessarily want to recreate the reality due to historical purposes, after all this is simply a message which must prevail. When you see the suffering and the agony of a woman on the cross, you also see her weakness, sensitivity, fragility, sensuality, courage and even her beauty! This is a one of a kind message despite our difference. More on Female Christ

Ramon Martinez. 'I work with experimental art in video, photography, 3D art, 3D animations, etc. about the subject the crucified female Christ. I've started my art project since early 2005 and I've named my art project 'Passion Of A Goddess'. I want to explain the reason for my art project: 'Many artists during the past 2000 years have been interested in the picture of a crucified Jesus. One of the reasons is probably that this subject offers a lot of symbolic value as well as possibilities to manifest different expressions. Although the question raised is why these artefacts are always male? In a few cases, Jesus portraiture as a female raise negative consequences from the conservative parts of the church. The idea that God can only be a man is an idea created in a society with male dominance. I would like to develop the idea that giving God a sex is not honest. These believers of the idea that God can only be represented as a man disregard the female half of the world's population. And also its in my belief that a woman has greater ability to give love than a man. Christ represents the great love.' My art project tries also, to fight religious intransigence that tries to coerce the freedom of expression and individual freedoms recognized in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.' More on Ramon Martinez

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