Friday, July 26, 2019

01 Contemporary Interpretations of Olympian deities, with footnotes #13

Stéphanie Gevrey 
Huile et acrylique sur toile
40" x 40"

Hera is the goddess of women, marriage, family, and childbirth in ancient Greek religion and myth, one of the Twelve Olympians and the sister-wife of Zeus. She is the daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Hera rules over Mount Olympus as queen of the gods. A matronly figure, Hera served as both the patroness and protectress of married women, presiding over weddings and blessing marital unions. One of Hera's defining characteristics is her jealous and vengeful nature against Zeus' numerous lovers and illegitimate offspring, as well as the mortals who cross her.

Hera is commonly seen with the animals she considers sacred including the cow, lion and the peacock. Portrayed as majestic and solemn, often enthroned, and crowned with the polos (a high cylindrical crown worn by several of the Great Goddesses), Hera may hold a pomegranate in her hand, emblem of fertile blood and death and a substitute for the narcotic capsule of the opium poppy.[1] Scholar of Greek mythology Walter Burkert writes in Greek Religion, "Nevertheless, there are memories of an earlier aniconic representation, as a pillar in Argos and as a plank in Samos." More on Hera

Stéphanie Gevrey was born in 1969 in Montreal, Qc, Canada. Her academic path includes fashion design (LaSalle College, 1999-1992), interior design (Artisans du meuble Québécois, 1998-2000) and visual arts (UQAM, 1996-1999). Growing up in an artistic family, her natural inclination for painting enabled her to develop an artistic vision that combines theoretical knowledge with a sensual approach to technic and materiality. Her work has been exposed in Canada, United States and Europe (Montreal: Galerie Griffintown / Toronto; Pacific Gallery / Saskatoon; Las Olas Gallery/Miami; Musée d’Anselbourg) and her works figure in many private and corporate collections (Catherine Zeta-Jones,, Intra-West, National Bank Toronto). Stéphanie Gevrey lives and works in Montreal. More on Stéphanie Gevrey

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