Friday, June 19, 2015

24 Carvings - RELIGIOUS ART - 13th to 17th Century Carvings from the Bible!

15th Century German Polychromed Limewood Carving of The Virgin & Child, Circa 1450. The sculpture carved in high relief with a hollowed out back, depicting Mary stood on a crescent moon, her long wavy flaxen hair falling down around her shoulders, wearing a gilded cloak with blue lining draped in deep folds over a long girded red robe (lacking crown and forearm). The naked Christ child with golden curly hair holding a gilded apple in one hand, with the other raised in benediction, 54 ins (138 cms) in height.

15th Century German Polychromed Caving of Madonna & Child. The Virgin depicted with long brown hair flowing over a red draped cloak and gilded dress. The Christ child holding a bunch of grapes, 29 ins (74 cms) in height.

Early 16th Century Flemish Polychromed Relief Carving Circa 1500. A Depiction of Mournful Mary knelt wearing gilded cloak and dress, with the figure of John the Evangelist stood beside resting his hand on her shoulder, 17 ins (43 cms) in height.

17th Century Polychromed Wood Carving of The Pieta. Mary depicted wearing gilded drape and tunic with the body of Christ laid over her lap, 16 ins (41 cms) in height.

16th Century Polychromed Relief Carving: The Pieta, 18½ ins (47 cms) high, 22 ins (56 cms) in width.

16th Century Polychromed Relief Carving of 'The Swoon of The Virgin'; supported by Mary of Clopas, Saint John the Evangelist and Mary Salome, 22 ins (56 cms) in height, 20 ins (51 cms) wide.

A Large 13th Century Polychromed Wood Carving of St John. The mournful figure depicted with head bowed, wearing a draped cloak hanging in folds over a long tunic, holding a book in one hand with the other held up to his face, 54½ ind (139 cms) in height.

15th Century Gothic Oak Carving of a Saint Brigitta, Circa 1480. Brigitta depicted wearing a Nun's habit with draped head-scarf over a wimple, 38 ins (97 cms) in height.

A Polychromed Baroque Carving of Saint George on Horseback slaying the dragon, raised on a scrolling pedestal with a vacant cartouche to the centre. 26 ins (66 cms) in height.

Carved Oak Frieze of Six Apostles, Circa 1500. The figures standing between decorative pillars, 17 ins (43 cms) high, 37 ins (94 cms) in width.

17th Century Flemish Oak Carving of Madonna & Child, Circa 1600, 26 ins (66 cms) in height.

16th Century Franco Flemish Oak Sculpture carved in the round with Saint Sebastian depicted with long wavy hair, tied to a post; his body pierced with arrow holes, 36 ins (91 cms) in height.

Late 15th Century Oak Carving of Saint Catherine of Alexandria , South Netherlandish, probably Brussels. The figure depicted wearing a crown with long wavy hair and a draped dress, stood in contrapose with the figure of Emperor Maxentius Underfoot, 35 ins (89 cms) in height.

Carved Oak Altar Piece, attributed to the Lower Rhine area, 15th/Early 16th Century & later. The piece composed of four associated relief carved figure groups depicting St Veronica holding the cloth displaying the face of Christ to the centre, a bishop on horseback riding through a crowd, and Christ before Pilate on the left, and a man offering his cloak to two beggars on the right, flanked by a later kneeling man on one side, and two figures on the other. 34 ins (86.5 cms) in height, 74 ins (188 cms) in width.

17th Century Polychromed Carving of St John holding a bible, 26½ ins (67 cms) in height.

17th Century Flemish Boxwood Carving of Madonna & Child. Mary depicted sat on a Gothic stool with the infant Jesus sat on her lap. The figures raised on a square plinth base with an eagle shield to the front, 9½ ins (24 cms) in height,

An Antwerp Retable Fragment Carving of Christ before Pontius Pilate, 11 ins (28 cms) high, 10½ ins (27 cms) wide.

17th Century Carved Wooden Bust of Saint Boniface depicted wearing a bishop's mitre and holding a sword impaling a book, 28 ins (71 cms) in height.

An Oak Fragment Carving from a Retable depicting Joseph of Arimathea, mounted on a modern base, 17 ins (43 cms) high.

15th Century Oak Sculpture of Madonna, Circa 1480. The hollow backed carving depicted holding an open book, with her long wavy hair hanging down around her shoulders over a draped cloak and girded tunic, 29½ ins (75 cms) in height.

A 15th Century Oak Carving of St James of Compostela. The bearded saint depicted wearing a hat emblazoned with a scallop shell to the upturned brim, a buttoned cloak over a long belted tunic, holding a staff and satchel in one hand with rosary beads in the other, 29½ ins (75 cms) in height.

A Flemish Oak Carving of Saint Anthony, Circa 1500. The abbot depicted with curly hair and beard wearing a cowled flowing cloak over a tunic, holding an open book in one hand, and a staff with bell in the other, with a piglet and tongues of fire at his feet, 38 ins (97 cms) in height.

 A 17th Century German Oak Carving of St John the Evangelist depicted with curly hair, holding an open book in one arm with an eagle at his feet, 26 ins (66 cms) in height.

An 18th Century Carved Oak Panel depicting the angel Gabriel holding a spray of lilies, 13 ins x 10 ins (33 cms x 26 cms).